Bollywood Media Calls Akshay Kumar Is Cartoonish in 2.0 MovieIt’s crystal clear that Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’ turned out to be a big disappointment not only in the Tamil and the Telugu markets but also in the Hindi speaking regions. The performance of the Hindi dubbing version of ‘Kaala’ has left the trade doubting Rajinikanth’s forthcoming movie ‘2.0’ that might probably come on the Republic Day, 2019.

When ‘Kaala’ couldn’t even rake in Rs. 10 crores at the ticket windows, how can a film made with Rs 400-500 crores even cover the cost of the production? The distributors and the exhibitors are panic-stricken with regard to the Hindi dubbing version. The only hope for them now is Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar.

He commands a decent fan following in Bollywood and his films are among minimum guaranteed ones. However, there are doubts because Akshay is playing the antagonist in the movie and his appearance as the ‘crow man’ might not be liked by his fans. Nonetheless, he is the only hope now, in the Hindi speaking belt. Coming to Tamil, though Rajini is suffering back-to-back flops, the combination with Shankar will anyway create a big buzz.